Powapacs Combi deal Atom 60 with 40w solar panel

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You have power and you have super Atom Power. Now as a combi deal with the 40 watt solar panel of Powapacs 

The Atom power packs, have just that little bit extra than the regular power packs on the market. The powerpack has a 230V output so electrical devices can be connected and used without any problems. 

Atom is lightweight, powerful, quiet, smart solar generator. With the option for the Atom solar panel it can provide you with clean and green energy for the rechargeable lithium battery. The Atom is easy to carry and weighs almost nothing. This makes it possible to take your electronic devices wherever you want. Atom has a fast charging time on ordinary current of about 4 to 6 hours. When you want to charge the Atom with the solar panel it will take about 8 to 11 hours, when using the 60 watt solar panel. 
Ultimate mobility
Take power wherever you go. With its compact size, universal compatibility and high capacity internal battery cell and eco friendly solar energy recharge time, this means you're powered wherever you go. The Atom weighs about 2 kg for the 60000 Mah and 2,1 kg for the 78000Mah version. The dimensions are 240 x 165 x 65mm. 
The Atom can be used in many different outdoor activities with the 2 different versions of 60000 and 78000 Mah. They can therefore be used for day trips, but also for longer trips. Not only are they useful for home use in case of a power failure, camping, daily use, on the road or for use in emergencies. 
The Atom is equipped with an easy-to-read information display (UID). The digital display shows the current battery level and usage information including the use of the different USB ports in use and the corresponding battery consumption. 
The Atom is designed for maximum portability with a stylised comfortable handle, making the Atom easy to use and transport. The Atom also has an integrated LED lamp which can be turned on by means of a button in the handle. 
Universal compatibility
The Atom has 4 "Fast Charge" USB ports, 1 x AC outlet and a 12v cigarette lighter outlet. The atom can be used for a variety of electronic devices including phones, (Apple, Samsung, Google, Android) Laptops, photo cameras, search & rescue equipment, DVD players, refrigerators, lights, televisions, stereos, Tablets, CPAP machines, medical devices, game consoles, and drones to name but a few. Make sure your device is suitable for use with the 150 watt surge protector. 
Fast charging, high capacity
The Atom has a high fast charge capacity, which can quickly charge your eletronic devices. The capacity of the 60000 Mah Atom stems from the use of 30 x 2000 Mah Panasonic battery cells and that of the 78000 MAh id made up of 30 x 2600 Mah battery cells from Panasonic. 
Adjustable charge
Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, there are plenty of ways to charge your Atom. Choose one of them and get started. There are 3 ways to charge the Atom. Just plug it in, with the 40 or 60 w solar panels or with the 12-24v car charger.
Atom off grid unit with DC and AC output
60,000 mAh 240Wh 20Ah @12v
78.00 mAh 312Wh 26Ah @12v
silent, pure high efficiency sine wave inverter
1 x 230v 50Hz AC output 
1 x DC 12V/10A output 
4 x 5v 3.1 amp USB outputs (auto power detection) 
1 x charging point via solar energy and DC Charging 
Overvoltage protection 
Short circuit protection 
Overheating protection 
Low voltage protection 
Nominal 18650 lithium battery with high discharge
Capacity 60,000 mAh 240 wh, 78,000 mAh 312 wh. 
Digital information display 
Integrated LED lamp 
Charging current 4a 
Charging time 15v 4a about 6 hours 
Solar charging time of 8 to 11 hours when the 60 watt solar panel is rumbling in optimal light condition and when installed below 45 degrees. 

The atom comes with a power outlet charger, a carry case, and a variety of USB charging cables. 


The Sunpower 40W solar panel is one of Powapacs' strongest folding solar panels. Equipped with efficient SunPower solar cells. 
With the power of the 39w and the combination of USB and DC outputs, this solar panel is ideal for charging your powapacs or other items. 

With an efficiency of >23.5%, the SunPower solar cells are one of the most efficient solar cells currently available on the market. 
With the power of the 40w, the Powapac solar panel can generate 100-200wh of energy through the output interface. This energy can be used for charging smartphones (usually 10x) tablets, photo cameras, USB lamps and other USB rechargeable devices. 

In addition to the USB outputs, the Powapac 40w also has an 18v DC output. This output is specially integrated for charging the Powapac Atom and other battery packs. Combined with the Powapac 40w and Atom, you have a versatile, convenient and portable off the grid system that power you anywhere, anytime. 

In order to use the solar panel and the generated energy as efficiently as possible, it is best to connect the Powapac Atom so that it can store the generated energy. This ensures that you can charge your electronic devices at all times. Also when it is night or a rainy day. By providing the Atom with solar energy you are no longer dependent on the sun. 
On very favourable sun-days it is even possible to connect your laptop directly to the solar panel. 

Dual ouput (18v & 5v)
Compact design 
USB and DC interface 
2.1mm DC cable for remote charging 
Lightweight 996 grams 
40w high efficiency >23.5%
Solar panel type SunPower (Monocrystalline)
Output 2 x USB - 5v /2100 mA
Output DC - 18v / 2,170M mA (DC cable 3 meters) 
Waterproof PVC600D 
Folded size is 30.5 x 17 x 3.5 cm
Folded out size is 121 x 29.5 x 0.3 cm 

When using a solar panel, remember that the shadow of even the smallest item can make a big difference in generating power. Make sure that as many solar cells as possible are located in the sun. 

Solar panels can also work when they are mottled behind glass, but with limitations. The panels are designed for direct sunlight. So if you place a panel behind a glass or a plastic window, the efficiency will deteriorate. It can take up to 3 times as long to charge a device even if it is in full sunshine behind the glass. 

If you are going to charge a solar panel, make sure that it has sun in the afternoon, because the sun will be at its strongest and will generate the most energy. This is of course especially true in the summer, but will be lower in another season. By directing the solar panel towards the sun outside the summer season, you will get more efficiency from the solar panel. 

The energy generated by the solar panel is only at its strongest when you also have the right storage quality. If the batteries of your battery pack are no longer good for any reason, they will not store the energy either. Always take care of your batteries. 

The energy supplied by a solar panel is direct current. So if you want to charge something that normally has to be done on a 220 connection, you will be able to buy the Voltz of Powapac. This is made with an inverter that makes this possible.

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