Carbontex Daiwa Washers

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Carbon Washers make it easy to upgrade your reel to better performance. 

The slip gives a much better response 
Slip gives better performance 
Close is also really close with the washers. Especially useful when fishing locked up. 
The carbon washers are delivered greased, so you don't have to buy an expensive jar of grease. 
the carbon washers do not retain moisture and dirt.

The addition of the carbon washers in your spool is therefore not comparable to the orignal washers. 

For Daiwa, we have placed the following categories in a drop-down list so you don't have to scroll through a whole list of types. The discs are supplied as a set for 1 spool 

If the right reel is not listed, please contact us because everything is available on request!

Category 4

  • Daiwa Emcast Carp 25A

Category 5

  • Daiwa Entoh QDA/GD
  • Daiwa Entoh Black
  • Daiwa Windcast Z
  • Daiwa Iso Tournament 5500/5000 QD
  • Daiwa Cast'izm 25QDA
  • Daiwa Emcast Plus 600
  • Daiwa Emblem 5500
  • Daiwa Emblem 35W
  • Daiwa Emblem 45W

Category 5a

  • Daiwa Emblem Pro
  • Daiwa Emblem X5000A
  • Daiwa Broadcast BK5500 / S5500
  • Daiwa Emblem Exceler 5500

Category 5b

  • Daiwa Emblem Z5000A 
  • Daiwa X-Liner 

Category 5c

  • Daiwa Entoh 5000/5500
  • Daiwa Windcast
  • Daiwa Emblem Spod

Categoyi 5d 

  • Daiwa Emcast 4500
  • Daiwa Windcast X5500LD

Category 5e 

  • Daiwa GS3000LTD
  • Daiwa GS4000LTD

Category 8

  • Daiwa Basiar QDX / QD / QDA
  • Daiwa Basiair 
  • Daiwa Basiair Z45QD

Category 9

  • Daiwa Emblem X5000T
  • Daiwa Emblem Black
  • Daiwa GS9000H Longbeam
  • Daiwa SS9000 millionmax
  • Daiwa Crosscast BR5000
  • Daiwa Tournament SS5000
  • Daiwa Emblem 6000PT
  • Daiwa Emblem 5000PT
  • Daiwa Emblem 5500
  • Daiwa Emblem 6000

Category 9a

  • Daiwa SS2600S
  • Daiwa Tournament linear S-BR
  • Daiwa Tournament linear S5500-BR

Category 9b

  • Daiwa Tournament 5000T
  • Daiwa Tournament S6000T
  • Daiwa SS3000S

Category 10 

  • Daiwa Infinity BR5000/5500
  • Daiwa Tournament TS5000BE

| Anton ham 12-10-2021 22:03

Ging niet op rolletjes om mijn schijven thuis te krijgen ivm problemen van de koerier maar dit is geweldig opgelost door de ontzettend goede service van de shop mijn molens zijn u top de slip is perfect nu zonder haperen 100 % verbeterd

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