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We are Marc and Chantal Musch.

Marc en Chantal Musch

For many years, we have been very active carp anglers, our main focus being fishing in France.

Because of our many contacts while fishing in France, we were approached by an English bait brand to start selling this brand in mainland Europe.  After some deliberation, we decided to do this only in combination with a shop in the more exclusive and custom-made products whose quality and quantity we can guarantee. Most of our range is made and produced by companies that have the same standards and values as ourselves.

As shop owners, we want to convey the passion for carp fishing in the products we sell but also in the form of service and customer contact. We strive to respond to all customers within one day and provide those products that amaze you as a customer. In addition, we also use all the products we sell ourselves, or test them extensively to provide you, the customer, with the right information.

In addition, we also strive not to make you as a customer wait unnecessarily for your order, of course there is a small margin of error, but you can almost 95% assume that if you can order the item on our website we actually have these products in stock and your order will be shipped by us the same or next day.

Also, you can always visit us to pick up your order or admire our products. Coffee is always ready for you.