Forgotten Flavours SNS Pop ups

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Finally they are here! A relatively small hookbait that can be fished anywhere over your krill/fishmeal free offerings.

Topped off with the legendary and now extremely rare Salmon & Shrimp from Cotswold baits from back in the day, greeted with some pink himalayan salt & GLM, quite literally these take you right back in time.

They are then overloaded with all the good fishy stuff, just oozing carp!


NOTE: I've had to make the pop-ups slightly lower in buoyancy, to get in all the attractors I wanted. My mix can take a heavy punch, and by including all the good stuff they are slightly less buoyant then you're used from my pop-ups. Let's call 'em Medium Buoyant. :-) Still enough to hold up most crude rigs, but as usual, test in the edge first.

I'll get a regular (ultra buoyant as usual) done if there's enough interest from you guys.


Attractor package:
Salmon & Shrimp (Cotswold Baits)
Monster persuit (Nash)
Squid pow (Solar)
Full fat GLM + Nutra GLM
Salmon Pro
Himalayan Rock Salt
Plankton Hydro
Oyster Extract
Krill hydro
Salmon oil palatant (Nash)
Monster mussel (Nash)
Cajun prawn (Nash)
Mature Lobster (Nash)
Shellfish sense appeal (Nash)
Tuna Oil
Monstercrab (Hutchy)
Caviar (Nutrabaits)
Crayfish (Hutchy)
Protaste (Hutchy)


14mm only for now - 150ml tub. 


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